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“Hell Followed with Him”

Sometimes, the road to Hell can lead to Heaven.

When Adina, once a Demon of Pride, finds herself on the run from her past, she couldn’t possibly imagine that a broken down car could lead her to some of the best things in life.

Ciaran can’t imagine how his quiet, professorial life could be turned upside down by a wet, scarred girl and her dog.

And Drystan just wants to fix what’s been broken, yet the task seems impossible. How can he seek his own happiness, when it may wreck everything?

It’s the unexpected turns that make life worth living, but these three certainly could not have imagined the turns their lives would take. And what lies at the end.

Warning: Explicit sexual situations, including M/F, M/M and M/F/M. Scenes of brief dubious consent/violence, not perpetuated by any hero or heroine character.

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